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Allow me to greet and welcome our web and internet surfers and the doers of Research and Development for the benefit of all knowledge managers, users and curious groups.

The new Province of Dinagat Islands in its crusading and infant stage of its governance is in need of more program enthusiasts as we open the many man-made natural attractions and wonders of Dinagat Islands being a coastal and the guard island of the Pacific.

I am very happy that finally the website or the window of the Province of Dinagat Islands to the world is now online and ready to be accessed and thereupon receive feedbacks and partnerships for its advancement, hence, attain its vision to be world-class province.

It is in this light therefore that our Province and Departments’ vision, mission, goals, objectives, programs, projects and activities are highlighted for all to know about the developments.Thank you surfers and maayong Dinagat Islands kanatong tanan...


Provincial Governor


News Update: Provincial Website Soft Launch

Our website is now on soft launching and the new sets of web team are in the process of developing and uploading content to our website. We apologize for any inconvenience and please bear with us.