Proposed Government Center in Barangay Cuarinta


By: Millard P. Tawakal, LlB

Provincial Administrator


The province has emerged as one of the most promising local government unit in this part of the country because of its mineral abundance and other natural resources. This immense wealth setting below the more than ninety-six thousand and seven hundred forty-five (96,745) hectares land area has drawn great opportunity for development in terms of tourism industry, agriculture, agrarian reform and sustainable rural development, employment and labor facilitation, scientific and technological efforts,  technology transfer and commercialization, trade and investment promotion services, integrated community economic development, peace and security, prosecution and legal services, skills training and assessment, access to quality health care, public infrastructure and basic education policy services offered by the national government agencies.

Section 3, (m), RA 7160, provides:

“The realization of local autonomy shall be facilitated through improved coordination of national government policies and programs an extension of adequate technical and material assistance to less developed and deserving local government units”

By setting up their respective provincial offices in Dinagat Islands, there will be an improved coordination in terms of technical and material assistance and immediate access to all aforementioned basic services.

The provincial government through the collective efforts of the local legislative council and executive department who have allocated and apportioned the development of the newly turned-over 1,000-hectare area as the centre of the provincial government will hostall offices of the provincial and national government agencies situated in barangay Cuarenta, San Jose, Dinagat Islands.


The provincial government through the able leadership of Governor Glenda B. Ecleo, EdD.have initially come up with the site and subdivision plan with integrated development indicating the proposed buildings, road and drainage networks and other relevant facilities and utilities required to support the provincial government centre.


This is the best opportune time for the national government agencies to position or establish themselves in the centre so that their offices, training centres, research equipments or facilities and similar buildings will be properly in place and duly allocated for by the provincial government.

Inter-agency Task Force Created


Dinagat Islands has been declared as one of the country’s mineral reserve because of its abundant and high grade mineral deposits underneath, both land and water, therefore the intensified discovery, exploration, development and wise utilization of the provincial’s mineral resources are urgently needed for provincial development.


On the other hand, agricultural management and production also plays a vital role in the provincial’s economy and development to balance the depleting or diminishing soil mineral value or natural land integrity caused by such exploitation or utilization.


By virtue of Section 465, (3), (v), Local Government Code, the provincial governor is empowered, quote:

“Adopt adequate measures to safeguard and conserve land, mineral, marine, forest and other resources of the province, in coordination with the mayors of component municipalities”.


Through the process of reclassification and delineation, whereby the lands under agriculture and mineral resources are define, describe or demarcate, to efficiently and effectively conserve, manage and protect it against overexploitation or wastage.


The creation of an Inter-agency Task Force by virtue of SP Resolution No. 13-0035, s. 2013 will pave the way in realizing the total economic development of the province.


Bugkosan Festival to Highlight Next Year’s Charter Day


            With the advent of 2014, the tourism will again showcase the province through its Bugkosan Festival, supposedly to be celebrated every 2nd day of December but for the coming years and thereafter it will be moved to October 2 in order to highlight the founding day of the province. This is the pronouncement of the Provincial Governor, Glenda B. Ecleo, EdD in order to minimize the government spending and synchronization of the forthcoming year-round activities of the province.

Bugkosan as the name suggests,it connotes unity or literally it means a knot tied together to achieve a common goal from a conservative municipality to a prime eco-tourism destination in the region. It is manifested through a colourful, artistic dance and epic drama reflective of the history of the province.

            Bugkosan Festival will become the cultural identity of the province despite its being a newbie province of the country it already advances to a more competitive and progressive local government unit.

            Of course, the customary activities celebrated during the Charter Day such as the Launching of different programs and projects, social nights and unity cup- sports tournamentwill still be observed.


Ruben E. Ecleo, Sr., Mayor & Founder of PBMA Declared Local Hero


            He was born from a humble beginning on December 9, 1934 in Cab-ilan, Municipality of Dinagat and shared the rest of his life with his wife, Glenda O.Buray and were blessed with nine (9) children, namely: Ruben, Jr., Glorigen, Gracelyn, Benglen, Allan I, Allan II, Geraldine and Gwendolyn.

            He founded the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Incorporated (PBMA) which aims to promote national and international peace and unity and maintain free, orderly, honest and good government.

            A great missionary of the word of God, a visionary leader who became the Municipal Mayor of San Jose and envisioned a provincial government that could unite the seven (7) municipalities of Dinagat Islands. He was also named as the “South Mysterious Superstar” by WHO Magazine in 1980, a Plenipotentiary of the Knights of Malta, President of the League of Mayors of the Philippines, Region X and through his persistent effort, San Jose became the Most Outstanding Barangay of the Philippines.

            Now, the people of Dinagat Islands during his birth hood, earnestly desires his declaration as local hero which by virtue of the SangguniangPanlalawigan Ordinance No. BBE-03, s. 2013 and Executive Order No. 12-015, s. 2013, the late Ruben E. Ecleo, Sr. will be the local hero of the province of Dinagat Islands.

            Heroes are made not born.

          PDI Governance and Administration

(by Millard P. Tawakal, LlB., Provincial Administrator)


          After the approval of Republic Act No. 9355, otherwise known as an “Act Creating the Province of Dinagat Islands” duly signed into a law by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on October 2, 2006, the province has undergone a total make-over in terms of its vision and mission.

          Now, the province is supposed to celebrate its 7th Charter Day of natural abundance and commercial prosperity, if not reverted to its mother province, Surigao del Norte on February 11, 2010. This legal predicament created a daunting atmosphere for the leaders as well as its people but not for one who did a herculean job in bringing back the province to its former pedestal on October 23, 2012.  I am specifically referring to the achiever, provider and mother- Governor Glenda B. Ecleo, EdD. So, with this recent ruling of the Supreme Court, the province will have its first year in the making. Absurd, as it may seem considering the break it is supposed to achieve during the almost 2-year hiatus. Not to mention, the economic aspect and financial support from the local and international institutions but the dynamism aimed towards self-sufficiency and refinement.

          Be that as it may, this sad experience has merely brought greater opportunity for development and morale booster for the people to be in unison, cooperation and mêlée against poverty and scarcity.

          Thus, our governance and administration is anchored on the following field:

  • · Good Governance;
  • · Linkages and Network Development;
  • · Employment and Job Creation;
  • · Natural Resource Management and Regeneration;
  • · Delivery of National Support Services;
  • · Assistance on Sectoral Welfare Needs;


  • Education and Health Development;                   
  • Cultural and Sports Promotion;
  • Livelihood and Infrastructure Support;
  • Empowerment and Public Safety of Constituents;
  • Opportunity and Promotion of Tourism;


With these strategic areas to focus, PDI will

extraordinarily move forward especially in having a political stability, natural resources, national backing and citizen discipline.