Protected Area and Wildlife Division


To secure the perpetual existence of all local native plants and animals through a comprehensive and integrated system in protecting areas that are classified as natural parks, natural monument, wildlife sanctuary, protected landscapes and seascapes, resource reserve, natural biotic areas, and other categories as provided for in the Constitution and Provincial Environment Code.


Key Functions & Responsibilities:

  1. Develop effective wildlife management capacity 
  2. Promote popular participation in wildlife management 
  3. Develop the economic potential of wildlife 
  4. Ecological Site Protection, Development & Management of Wildlife Estate. 
  5. Declare, maintain and enhance potential permanent wildlife
  6. Promote public awareness and support for wildlife conservation 
  7. Develop technical excellence through research and monitoring
  8. Promote and implement the “National integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992.“ as maybe required by the local governance
  9. Assist other divisions in the implementation of programs/services, projects and activities;
  10. Perform such other related functions and responsibilities.


Key Programs/Projects/Activities:

  1. Delineation and survey of proposed protected areas, eco-tourism, forest parks, and other related areas in the province; 
  2. Profiling and inventory of coastal/marine, wildlife (flora & fauna) species in the entire province of Dinagat.