Adolescent of today are also more exposed to a growing number of device threats, than any other generation has been. They need to develop competencies for adoptive and positive behaviour, so as to be able to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of this transition stage. They also need to acquire skills which will help them to chart their course and navigates the passages in this diverse an changing world.

         The PDI-Youth of today are confronted with numerous complex problems ,which serve as barriers in their journey towards responsible adulthood and productive citizen. Further, levelled up and advance learning on life saving techniques .

With this youth is found to be dynamic in developing their sense of responsibility and aggressive in influencing their peers, performing their role towards adulthood through presentation and enhance with in the community.


  • To divert the attention of young people from vices   to a responsible  adolescent.

  • To discover their individual skills, talents and valued   their own right as   partners in the community   development.

  • To undertake capability building activities to youth   sectors on   voluntarism in instance of disaster   and strengthening advocacy on DRR