General Objective

—Promote healthy lifestyle and responsible sexuality and assist the youth to avoid early sexual engagement, teenage pregnancies, early marriages, sexually transmitted infections and other psycho-social concerns

 Specific Objectives

•Reduce the incidence of pregnancy among 15-19 age group; 
•Reduce the incidence of early sexual involvement and early marriages; 
•Reduce the incidence of other reproductive health problems that includes sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS, particularly the reduction of        HIV positive cases among young males; and
•Reduce the incidence of physical and sexual violence and other forms of violence among the young people, particularly among married young females          ages 15-24.
Program Strategies
  • —Development of a harmonized master plan for AHYD
  • —Advocate for the implementation existing policies that ensure the promotion of an enabling environment for the adolescent and youth including access to quality health care and services.
  • —Design and implementation of policies and programs to address emerging issues among young people ( cybersex, suicide, sex trafficking)
  • —Advocate for the establishment of more teen health quarters, drop-in centers, “tambayans”, and the likes at the community, work place and schools
  • —Continued skills development among parents on ASRH concerns
  • —Develop life planning skills focused on goal setting and leadership among the young people
  • —Creation of opportunities for youth to re-channel and optimize their energies to more productive activities (e.g livelihood).
  • —Up-scaling the mode of information and education that will be imparted to the young people that is age-sex appropriate, values-laden, and anchored on the rights-based approach
  • —Federation/organization of the young people to lead advocacy activities and ensuring their participations in the planning and formulation of programs/projects/policies
  • —Continuous conduct of researches on adolescent/youth health and development concerns such as the YAFSS
  • —Harmonization, updating, and maintenance of a database on adolescent/youth health and development that is age and sex disaggregated.